Brief event description & participants

Cooperative businesses, democratic ownership and self-organization – a 2-days event at SUPERMARKT Berlin and Agora.

This event aims at gathering key players of the platform cooperativism movement to explore shared values, common goals and a joint political agenda. Over the course of two days, participants get introduced into cooperative structures – from learning how to start off and run cooperative businesses to exploring visionary ideas about platform coop design and its impact on politics, markets and society at large.

Join us for one or both days! Panel discussions, hands-on workshops, platform design toolkits, a deep-dive into neighbourhood economies, the festive launch of a community currency and lots of other interesting topics are waiting for you!

Directed by: Ela Kagel/ Thomas Dönnebrink

Participants: Jana Stecher (CZY WRK), Felix Weth (Fairmondo), Magdalena Ziomek (SMART), Simon Liedtke (WeChange), Christophe Guené (Kreditunion Coop), Katja Wegner (Wigwam), Daniel Corral (Coliga), Juho Makkonen (Sharetribe), Yael Sherill (B-Tour), Philipp Hentschel (welance), Sito Veracruz (Fairbnb), Damiano Avellino (Solbnb), Arthur Röing Baer (commune), Louisa Janitschke (FAIRO), Christian Hildebrand (Jolocom), Adrien Labaeye (Transition Lab), Dr. Nadine Müller (Verdi), Boris Janek (Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG), Victor Matekole, (Crowdfunding system for platform coops & Resonate Music Streaming Coop) Juho Makkonen (Sharetribe), Shermin Voshmgir (Blockchain Hub), Dominika Wruk (Institut für Mittelstandsforschung),), Laura Colini & Lorenzo Tripodi (Tesserae Urban Social Research),  Joy Lohmann (Open Island), Gabriela Masfarré Pintó & Georgina Campins (Ideas for Change), Volker Siems, (neighbourhood network Polly & Bob), Eugenio Battaglia (Platform Design Toolkit).

Full program here:

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